Gabor Szendi: Diseases of civilisation and the Industrial Revolution

The history of mankind is often represented as a victory march. A part of this is that we live ever longer and healthier. This is usually put down to the victory of medicine since we have defeated the majority of diseases and are working hard on beating the rest. We are inches from the goal: the immortal man who will be able to renew his ruined organs from stem cells. More than 50% of the western population now dies from cardiovascular diseases, 30% from cancer, 8% from an autoimmune disease, and 10-20% suffer in the second half of their lives from diabetes or prediabetes. Looking at the death rates I am forced to think of the word defeatrather than victory.

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Gabor Szendi: Rethinking diseases of prostate

Prostate problem: an issue that will, at one point or another, impact most men over the course of their lives. Treating the condition once it took its toll is much harder and more dangerous than taking preventative measures.

Men suffering from the disease go through an experience akin to the person falling off of a 100 storey sky-scraper, noting midway through: 'so far so good!'

Sadly, once the pathology set in, modern medicine rarely takes the right measures to mitigate the problem.

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Szendi: Misunderstandings about Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is difficult to ignore - because whether we like it or not - it continuously underlies our general feelings, happiness or misfortune. No wonder it is so easy to sell us anything which claims to 'develop' or 'boost' our self-esteem. But what if it did not exist? Or at least if we pretended it did not exist? Like a pimple on the bridge of our nose: unpleasant it might be, it has grown there and why let it rule our day?

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Gabor Szendi: Uric Acid: our old Friend

Western medicine considers high uric acid level an enemy, because several studies have been published on how uric acid forecasts insulin resistance, diabetes, high inflammation level and blood pressure, fatty liver disease, obesity,and metabolic syndrome, moreover it causes gout. And what causes, according to general belief and modern medicine, high uric acid levels? - Purine containing foods, in other words, meat and plant foods with a purine content.

The subject of uric acid and gout is only one example of how modern medicine turns connections upside down, how it treats consequences as a cause, and how it ignores facts in order to maintain myths.

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Gabor Szendi: Sunbathing for melanoma prevention

Probably ten out of ten dermatologists would contraindicate even reading this article, not to mention considering its implications. But now, that you already started reading, why wouldn't you continue? Perhaps it will rid you of a dangerous myth that has been drummed into people's minds for decades.

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