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Gabor Szendi: Medicine on the Wrong Path. Caught in the dogma trap.

Misleading traditions, beliefs, and corruption in western medicine.

(Tévutak az orvoslásban. Dogmák fogságában. Jaffa, Budapest, 2018)


Gabor Szendi: Giving wings.Raising up persistent and excellent children.

The myths, questions and answers around successfully raising children, to ensure maximizing their fullest potential.

(Szárnyakat adni. Kitartó és kiváló gyerekek nevelése. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2017)


Gabor Szendi: The Decline and Fall of Men.

What makes a man? An examination of the many and varied ways in which manhood can be manifested, and the consequent need for new paradigms of masculinity.

(A férfi hanyatlása és bukása. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2016)


Gabor Szendi: The Paleo Diet for Advanced Users.

An updated scientific guide to the Paleo Diet, for users already familiar with the underlying principles.

(Paleolit ismeretek haladóknak. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2015)


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Gabor Szendi: Meaningfull suffering: happiness.

The art of achieving a full and meaningful life. If life is about suffering, we can nevertheless choose between what is meaningless, and meaningful.

(Értelmes szenvedés: a boldogság - A teljes és tartalmas élet művészete. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2014)


Gabor Szendi: The Self-Esteem Trap.

Is the concept of self-esteem valid for life today, or an anachronistic throwback? Self-esteem is determined by the opinions and approval of others and is an unhelpful illusion.

(Az önértékelés csapdájában. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2014)


Gabor Szendi: The Paleo Diet for Beginners.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Paleo Diet, but didn't have time to ask!

(Paleo kezdőknek. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2014)


Gabor Szendi: Couples whithout troubles. How change ourselves and others.

A new psychological approach to personality and behavioral change.

(Párbajok nélkül - Hogyan változzunk, hogyan változtassunk?. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2013/2017)


Gabor Szendi: The New Vitamin Revolution.

The effects and interactions of vitamin use, and a myth-free history of vitamin development and current applications.

(Új vitaminforradalom. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2013/2018)


Gabor Szendi: The Sunshine Vitamin.

Facts and myths about vitamin D, correct dose, and the effects of vitamin D on various diseases.

(Napfényvitamin. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2012/2018)


Gabor Szendi: A Woman's Life.

The changing relationship between women and men, and how humans are altering their own evolution, through far-reaching effects such as the consequences of birth control.

(A nő élete. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2012)


Gabor Szendi- Elmira Mezei: The Paleo Cookbook II.

Written with cook and nutritionist Elmira Mezei, the theory and practice of the Paleo diet, part 2.

(Paleolit szakácskönyv. II. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2011)


Gabor Szendi: Unhappines and evolution.
Utilizing the Paleo diet to combat depression.

The conventional serotonin hypothesis of depression is false. The real cause of depression is inflammation in the brain, and this inflammation originates in our diet.

(Boldogtalanság és evolúció - Paleolit táplálkozással a depresszió ellen. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2010


Gabor Szendi- Elmira Mezei: The Paleo cookbook I.

(Paleolit szakácskönyv. I. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2010)


Gabor Szendi: The Paleo Diet and Modern Diseases.

Acid reflux, type I and II diabetes, cancer, PCOS, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis multiplex, Hashimoto's disease, schizophrenia, and more. New theories of old diseases and working treatments.

(Paleolit táplálkozás és korunk betegségei. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2011)


Gabor Szendi: The Paleo Diet.
Western lifestyle and the diseases of civilization.

A Critique of western medicine.

(Paleolit táplálkozás. A nyugati életmód és a civilizációs betegségek. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2009)


Gabor Szendi: Panic: facts and misbeliefs.

A comprehensive guide to varied forms of panic, artificially amplified by the pharma industry and the media. Viewed from an evolutionary point of view, panic is a natural life phenomenon, which has been incorrectly identified as a clinical problem.

(Pánik: tények és tévhitek. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2009)


Gabor Szendi: God in the brain.

Neurotheology. The neurological basis of religious beliefs, and the enigmas of stigmata. Parapsychology, and the biochemistry of the brain which leads to a human desire for belief.

(Isten az agyban. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2008)


Gabor Szendi: The Rise and Splendor of Women.

The role and rise of women from the point of view of evolutionary psychology.

(A nő felemelkedése és tündöklése. Jaffa Publishing, Budapest, 2008/2016)


Gabor Szendi: The Depression industry.

How psychiatry makes unhappy people sick, and the dangers of antidepressant use.

(Depresszióipar. Sík Publishing, Budapest, 2005)



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