Our Scientia Poetica expressed on this website is illustrated by a brief excerpt from my 2018 book:

“They may seem like randomly selected examples, but because of their magnitude, the cholesterol hypothesis and the serotonin myth can still be ranked as two podium finishers in medical fraud. The existence and persistence of these two fundamentally flawed theories, that for decades and up to this day have been treated as valid theories, and with a significant proportion of patients being mistreated on the basis of these theories, clearly demonstrates that systematic fakery of the science has become a paradigmatic principle in modern medicine. In the past, there was an illusion that science was intended to map the laws of reality. According to the paradigm shift theory of Thomas Kuhn, the era of certain paradigms expires as science progresses, but proponents of the paradigm will keep outdated theories alive for a long time after. Yet there was a kind of naive honesty in the history of science: no-one intentionally distorted knowledge, only misinterpreted the laws of nature. An exception to this was, of course, the ideology of the Church, in whose name the Inquisition sought to rule out scientific claims that rebuked religion.

However, totalitarian regimes such as fascist or communist dictatorships have shown that reality can be rewritten according to the interests of those in power. World War II was not just about redistributing the world, but about a new technique for controlling the masses. Fascism or Stalinism was a historical attempt to see how people could be kept in a pseudo reality on a lasting basis. These two great historical experiments have shown that people can be persuaded into anything, even something that is contrary to direct experience and common sense. The emergence of the idea of the controllable masses could also be seen in art and philosophy. The Psychology of Crowds by Le Bone in the field of Philosophy; in film, Metropolis by Fritz Lang, or Fahrenheit 451 by François Truffaut; in literature, 1984 by George Orwell; and in Sociology, The Lonely Crowd by David Riesman, all projected this new world. Pseudo-reality can be created through mass communication: if we hear, read, see the same thing across all media, we will sooner or later believe it to be true.

The new spirit of the age began to prevail not only in medicine, but also in human studies. Until then, science appeared to the average person as something that recognizes and describes reality, but in this new era science was no longer used to give as faithful a description of reality as possible, but to say what “reality” was. The arbitrary transformability of reality has degraded science from a means of cognition, to a marketing tool. For a long time, modern people believed above all in the credibility of science because they believed that reality exercised control over science. In other words, you cannot just state anything, because reality would sooner or later reveal itself. This remained true in material sciences, but not in life sciences. The situation is the opposite in life sciences: here science creates “reality”.

It may be a strange question, but it is very legitimate to ask: who owns science? In ancient times, science was imagined as an abstract idea greater than the individual, to which everyone could contribute with their own results. Since science belonged to no one, it was everyone’s. … Today science can be expropriated, there’s limited access to resources, and research can only be conducted by privileged professionals in isolated institutions, after obtaining adequate permissions. The business sphere protects the knowledge revealed by science, with patents and confidentiality obligations. Scientific truths are no longer public, but profitable secret information.

Medicine, as a researcher into health and disease, has always enjoyed great respect. In our time it began to use its authority to no longer search just for reality, but to say what reality is. The counterfeiting of science has become an integral part of medicine. To understand this, we need to see that the whole situation is driven by the pharmaceutical industry, which determines everything from the background. The pharmaceutical industry has recognized the simple truth that people believe more in those who they assume want to selflessly do good. This is true in everyday relationships, but it does not work at the level of social institutions. Through the enormous capital strength of the pharmaceutical industry, it can say what reality is, and rewrites the functions of the human body to produce profit. Medicine actually authenticates this pseudo-reality by incorporating it into the ‘natural laws’ of the pseudo-reality created by the pharmaceutical industry. For example, only those who are well aware of the facts know that the serotonin hypothesis, i.e., the theory of chemical imbalance, does not describe the functioning of a depressed person’s brain, but the scientification of a statement known from the beginning to be false.

Medicine has also assisted the tobacco industry in its ongoing manipulation to downplay the dangers of smoking. … Similarly, bribed opinion-forming doctors endorsed efforts of the sugar industry to consider cholesterol and animal fats as the main cause of heart disease instead of sugar. … For 50 years medicine went along with dietary recommendations that lead the developed world to obesity. In science, controllability and repeatability can guarantee that mistakes will sooner or later be overwritten. However, scientists also exercise power over the control of scientific results, for they “control” and “confirm” their own false claims through repeated investigations. An army of researchers justify the fantastic effects of newer and newer chemotherapeutic agents - they just forget to mention that they only prolong a patient’s life by an average of three months.

Studies show that type 2 diabetes - a disorder of sugar metabolism - can be resolved in a week, but diabetology doesn’t want to hear about this. Medicine today is merely a means of manipulation, using the naive respect for science that people feel. … The horrors of totalitarian states only just dwarf the sins of becoming a believer in false theories explaining brain function or cardiovascular disease. The Eichmann trial showed that the servers of the system could have a clear conscience, as they only talked about liquidation, train schedules, collection. And most importantly, they acted on command and did not personally experience the direct result of their instructions. They could rightly feel that if they didn’t do it, someone else would.
By the time Vioxx (rofecoxib) was withdrawn in 2004, 140,000 heart attacks had occurred in the United States alone. Merck researchers in the years leading up to the withdrawal wrote to each other about how they could deny the fact of a serious risk of heart attack.

The relativization of sin is made possible by the hierarchy of modern institutions. At the top, the direct human consequences of decisions are not visible, and at the bottom, everyone can believe that they are obviously implementing the right, carefully-worded protocols.”


(Excerpt from G Szendi: Medicine on the Wrong Path. Caught in the dogma trap. Jaffa, 2018.)


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