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I started my career as a computer programmer mathematician, later I became a screenwriter and dramaturge. I also graduated from The Faculty of Arts, ELTE Budapest as a psychologist and went on a post-graduate course to be a clinical psychologist. As a research psychologist and psychotherapist I worked for Semmelweis University Institute of Behavioural Sciences in Budapest.

After my first book Depression Industry (2005) had been published and on account of my activity against antidepressants, carried out on my website I was dismissed in 2007. The Hungarian Psychiatric Association brought a suit against me following my article criticizing psychiatry.

Since my dismissal I have written 19 books as a free lancer and I regularly publish my articles on my website My aim is to shape new scientific paradigms either in medical science or psyhcology. I have long been concerned about myths constituting dominant disease theories in medical and nutrition sciences. In my book The Paleo Diet. Western lifestyle and the diseases of civilization published in 2009 I used the recent medical researches to reveal that the fundamental propositions of today medicine are untenable and that the civilization diseases are rooted in the western lifestyle. Preventing and healing those diseases is only possible by changing that lifestyle.

My book and my views have launched a nationwide movement, a considerable group of followers has been forming and the movement has induced the production and trade of paleo food products in Hungary. I have never had direct material aims by propagating and popularizing paleo, I wish to improve public health.

My mindset and my work is basically determined by the fact that the western world is running towards a health disaster since medical science, due to its false theories, is incompetent about the diseases of our age. The theory of paleo has the commitment to work out the authentic aetiology of diseases as opposed to the false theories of the medical science. In my books I worked up the new theories of frequent civilization diseases on the basis of progressive medical science researches (The Paleo Diet and Modern Diseases; Unhappines and evolution; The Paleo Diet for Advanced Users;Medicine on the Wrong Path. Caught in the dogma trap).

Paleo is not just a possible diet among many others, but the only proper one developed in the course of evolution. The western population has been severely misled by medicine and nutrition science, the only way to escape diseases is by individual perception and finding one's own solutions. The leading cause of morbidity today is medicine itself.

We are small and insufficient to change academic medicine bribed and operated by pharmaceutical industry. However, we are capable of returning people the possibility of whole, healthy and long life by means of our writings and practical advice.


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